Subway Academy One is host to Toronto’s most interesting and talented turn-it-around students. Our small school community is a true reflection of how worldviews collide and unite in large urban centers. The student success program accommodates those who have become disenchanted with school but desire to learn. Many of our students require a flexible learning style and an environment that removes common practices in traditional institutions. We focus on working with the individual and their needs helping support and facilitate challenges in life.


The rigorous academic and creative programming at Subway focuses on all future paths. Our select interest courses span learning throughout a wide-range of disciplines that acknowledge the needs of the twenty-first century student. Our young people have an interest in global struggles and often encourage human rights awareness to be a part of the daily learning  and curriculum. We offer a host of clubs, field trips, community development opportunities, leadership initiatives, career development and planning for your future. 


For more information, call
(416) 393-9466 ext. 20040


Subway Academy One works with students who have responsibilities outside of school and are working to get on track and complete their high school diploma. Classes run five times a week for 75 minutes each. Students are required to attend their classes and call or email their teachers when absent.


Providing Support

Our breakfast program nourishes students, promotes healthy minds and models healthy living. We have access to social work support to provide resources and counseling. 







16 Phin Avenue

Toronto, Ontario

M4J 3T2

Tel: 416-393-9466
Fax: 416-393-9469

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